Sidespin Logo Contest: Progress Report

Well hey there everybody! It's been quite a heady week since the announcement of the official Sidespin Logo Contest. Some good things have happened - a rocket landed on a comet! Some bad things have happened - the judicial system remains rigged! But through it all, the beacon that is the Sidespin Logo Contest has… » 11/25/14 12:40pm Tuesday 12:40pm

A Tip For Being More Awesome and Stuff Than You Already Are

This is a very sincere piece of advice to all of you, and I hope you will remember it before you post stuff on your Kinja page or here on Sidespin: if you think your post would fit in well on another blog or vertical or website or, really, anywhere, don't publish it on Sidespin until you've pitched it to that other… » 11/24/14 11:52am Monday 11:52am

My Love/Hate (But Mostly Love) Relationship With Fruity Pebbles

My family didn't have much money when I was growing up. For years my father worked three jobs and my mother worked two just to keep us financially afloat. As the Irish in my family would say, to "keep us off the dole." My parents had too much pride to go on public assistance, even though we qualified. When times… » 11/24/14 11:06am Monday 11:06am