Hockey Player Waves To Child, Child Can't Stop Smiling, Smiling Child Is Taken To Doctor, Doctor Takes Blood Tests, Blood Tests Show Child's Father Is Not His Biological Father, Father Has Words With Mother, Mother Tearfully Confesses To Affair With Next Door Neighbor Gary, Gary Says It Was A Moment Of Weakness On… »10/31/15 9:53pm10/31/15 9:53pm

The Night The Pope Came To My Apartment

The last time the Pope came to America, there wasn’t nearly as much fanfare as there is now. Today, news outlets across the world are tracking the Pontiff’s every move, reporting his every utterance, and drawing bad pictures of him wearing roller skates in the margins of their notebooks. The last time the Pope came to… »10/22/15 10:08pm10/22/15 10:08pm

COUNTERPOINT: Darth Vader Was the Biggest Bitch in the Galaxy

Earlier today, learned, all-around Deadspin guy Albert Burneko wrote at length how the new Star Wars movies might not be very good. His piece, which I recommend, compared impressions from the trailer versus a general dismay with the prequels and Return of the Jedi. Along with some mostly reasonable points, there are… »10/20/15 11:00pm10/20/15 11:00pm

2011 World Series, my beloved Texas Rangers vs. The Cardinals Way. My children had just been born during the ALCS between Detroit & Texas. With twins, my wife and I worked out a method to those first few weeks where we would take shifts during the night where we would be the primary caregiver for the newborns. My… »10/12/15 8:16pm10/12/15 8:16pm

Mike Tirico's Inner Monologue: "What is he— can it be? Yes! He is reaching for my manly chest! All the days, the years I've longed for this, and finally my fantasies have come to fruition! Sure, to some, it may seem like a mere playful grope, but I know better. When you work alongside a man for so long, you can sense… »9/30/15 11:45pm9/30/15 11:45pm