Fantasy Draft Primer: Whom to Hug and What to Fear

Soon you will bleach your body hair and ascend the steep temple stairs. Soon you will light the fire of your father, and his father. Soon you will hear the whispers come up from the Great Below, sending bits of bone and dried leaves skittering across the echoing banquet hall of Vyrthox, the Once Dead King. Soon you… » 8/25/15 10:38am Tuesday 10:38am

Musicspin: The 10 Best NWA-Universe Songs That Don't Make You Feel Like a Misogynist

Listening to N.W.A. and N.W.A.-spawned artists can be...problematic. But lest you feel like you can’t enjoy one of the seminal groups of rap music and pop culture at large, it helps to remember they made a few songs wherein they did not rhapsodize beating, killing, or sexually assaulting women. Here is a list of good… » 8/18/15 3:02am 8/18/15 3:02am