Mike Tirico's Inner Monologue: "What is he— can it be? Yes! He is reaching for my manly chest! All the days, the years I've longed for this, and finally my fantasies have come to fruition! Sure, to some, it may seem like a mere playful grope, but I know better. When you work alongside a man for so long, you can sense… »9/30/15 11:45pmWednesday 11:45pm

Secret Anatomy: Did you know these things were part of your body and that wishes don't come true?

The body is an amazing factory of squelch noises and dribbling liquids. You can do anything with the right kind of body: bend, reach, kick, fall...anything! But here’s the thing, friend: what in the world are all the bits inside of the body that make it go buzzing around the neighborhood coaxing pies from the skillful… »9/04/15 8:24pm9/04/15 8:24pm