What's Mr. Belvedere Wearing Today?

On Sunday, Mr. Belvedere is wearing a wet and musty buttoned short sleeve shirt, once-mahogany work boots, and blue argyle socks. Mr. Belvedere is also wearing a joyful expression, and a gold ring on each hand- of which the left holds a rusty set of needle-nose pliers, the right Todd’s remaining one.… » 5/03/15 4:50pm 5/03/15 4:50pm

HistorySpin: Stephen Decatur, American Bad Ass - Part 3


I have been informed, in Norfolk, that you have said that you could insult me with impunity, or words to that effect. If you have said so, you will no doubt avow it, and I shall expect to hear from you.

I am, sir, your obedient servant,

James Barron.

» 4/24/15 1:48am 4/24/15 1:48am

Longtime Listener: The Delicious Horror of Local Sports Talk Radio

Turn down the podcast/Pandora/XM radio just for a moment, and consider the much-mocked original, AM Sports Talk Radio. It’s the secret youthful shame of many an enlightened sports blogger, right up there with claiming one never was an AIM or Myspace-obsessed teen or had an emo phase. » 4/17/15 3:01pm 4/17/15 3:01pm