Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

Apologies for the later than usual post. I was in intense talks all day with Deadspin higher-ups about purchasing my Comment of the Day ballot. Let's just say their counter-offer of "Who even are you? Fuck off and die" has piqued my interest.

Favorites, in no particular order:

Here's a weird one off the bat. I know that normally a Roundup has something to say about why jokes are funny or, shit, at least primarily features jokes. But this obtuse repartee from bavanlan in the HOF results post just made me giggle. I can't endorse everything bavanlan is doing because, frankly, I'm not reading it all, but what I do see, I generally like. Pretty unique flavor on these comments; neat stuff.

Damn, this, in the Le Batard's Producers post, is good, Gene-Rayburner. Extremely good. I love when commenters feel free enough to roam a bit outside the boundaries of the normal form and content. Knowing where this one was going didn't diminish the fun one bit — going back and reading it the 2nd time with the punchline in mind was sincerely hilarious. This is my kind of joke. And it's your Comment of the Day, too.

In the same way that Gene-Rayburner had "Le Batard" fall into his lap in the previous Favorite, Steve U gets a big assist from perfect vocabulary here, in the Thomas Hitzlsperger post. That's not to say there wasn't work to be done. You gotta craft the joke, which is no problem for a vet like Steve U. The only problem is, not enough people got it! Come on, folks. You have to look up the Steve U posts you don't get. They're always worth it. Something about soccer had Steve U going today, as he blooped another one in the Ian Darke post as well. Very funny.

And in Raysism news, he apparently continues to develop his all-lowercase parody character with a seriously goofy put-back in that same Darke post. I laughed. It beats a dismissal, for sure. Something to think about for the rest of us.

Nothing wrong at all with Sonar Jose teaching the "racist Bostonite" old dog a new trick in the Red Sox Fan post. If you can't laugh at people from Boston, who can you laugh at?

Hey, here's a guy in the grey not doing too terribly bad for himself in the Aaron Hernandez post. Say hello to bigdog who, give him credit, identified the path to making a good joke, even if he didn't quite take it. I'm not being glib at all when I say just figuring what could be funny in a post is most of the work; and remember how easy it is to post something like "he won't have a tight end in prison hahahaha", since we've seen that forty trillion times. bigdog was halfway there, I think. Not bad.

Total Fucking Duds

Hated this so, so, much, What a Silly Bunt. Did you get what you were after in that thread? We sure didn't. Knock it off.

If you had briefly forgotten why it was so fun to make fun of people from Boston, look no further than bigtime idiot AceMagnum. Should be easy enough, since it's now the first comment on the page. I get wanting to string this jerkoff up the flag pole, but better to let sleeping dogs lie and oversleep their 11am alarm to go down to the pier and help some boxes fall off the back of a truck while hooting at underage girls, no?

In case you guys didn't get it, this is a reference to a cartoon from CTRL+ALT+DELhomme. There's no joke. He's just saying "I saw a cartoon once." Great.

At least it's not as bad as this festering wound from burner Mike Stears a little further down. And goddammit, W.O.P.R, this meme is not better than some other dumbass meme. The best memes are just barely better than falling down the stairs. Grow the hell up, people.

Tough to imagine someone replying to this junk from normally very good commenter darinh with concern that someone humorless was going to suddenly show up. Three's a crowd, ain't it?

Alright everyone, enjoy your night. Except you, Craig Biggio. You can go to your room and think about what era you were born into.