Favorites and duds from today's commenting:

As always, I ask you guys (and girls) to point out anything I missed in the comments below, and I'm always glad that you do. For every Favorite here, there are two or three that just fell below the cut-off to making it in. This is a good thing! On to the roundup...


Milo Minderbinder continuing his hot streak with this breezy one-liner in the Golf Shop Fall post. Hey! Check out the idiot in gray crapping all over the joke in the replies! Not hitting "dismiss" there brings you perilously close to the Dud Zone, Milo. You get away with it today because this was very funny, though.

Poorly-named up-and-comer pkellen2313 hit the mark with this joke-slash-GOP-platform also in the Golf Shop Fall post. Awkwardly worded? You bet. Still funny? For sure. Is 2313 the number of Favorites that pkellen needs to accumulate before changing his same to something good? Who knows.

Is it still a thing to make fun of Eli Manning for being a drooling, overgrown, man-child? Over in the Peyton Manning Bud Light post, marmol heater sure thinks so, and after reading that brutal takedown, I agree. I guess that answers the question of whether it's OK to mock someone with the social intelligence of a seven-year-old.

I enjoyed this wordplay joke by ReverseApeChemist in the One Minute Sermon post, even if he probably could have tightened it up a little bit, or maybe restructured it a little to obscure the punchline a little more. All you newbies and grayed-out wannabes out there, listen up: the difference between a good joke and a great joke is often as little as having one or two words too many. Unless having a florid description is part of the joke, less is generally more. Don't just type out your funny idea; look it over once or twice before posting it to hear it in your head. Change an adjective, remove a word, alter the order of words if you need to until it sounds right.

Holy shit, dope. This evil joke in the Ty Lawson Movies post kicks you - hard - in the balls. And for that, it is the Comment of the Day. This is a guy who started out really grinding a bunch of kind of passable jokes a few months back but has really been picking things up lately, and this is by far his best comment to date. I also liked this clever sight gag in the Dwyane Wade Yacht post. Great day, pal.

Who would have thought that a Shawn Kemp joke would still play in 2014? cobra, brah!, that's who, and he shows us how it's done in the Dwyane Wade Yacht post.

Hey, has anybody heard of this new guy, SaveToFavorites? He seems to be making a few waves, including this goof on Peyton Manning in the Omaha post. Keep an eye out, this one has a future.

Allowing is here at Roundup Central to meet our diversity quota is girlwonder with this silly joke in the Budweiser Tweet post. Let that be a lesson to you, ladies, that it's good to make jokes about children in Africa getting drunk on cheap beer.

If dope hadn't already sewn up the COTD title, Magic Mike Piazza would have taken it down handily with this two-word joke in the Tywin Lannister Promo post. I recognize that this is a variant on a joke that's been done before, but it's not one that's done very often, and even less so this well. Great job.

Look, I know it's already a photo contest, and there aren't even any words to this joke, but goddammit GrungeBanjo, this was fucking hilarious in the Cubs Mascot Photoshop Contest post.

For a more conventional Favorite, The Amazing Sneijderman just made fun of the Cubs in the same post. Yes, this was there for the taking, but TAS is able to - as discussed above - do so in as few words as absolutely necessary, with the emphasis on the "in" just to make sure you read it properly to provide the expert touch.

Total Fucking Duds

To sum things up, to sum things up, GTFO.

Local idiot iced327 gives pretty much the stupidest +1 imaginable, if that was even a thing before right now. What the fuck does "political commentary aside" even mean? What could you possibly have laughed at other than the commentary. Jesus H. Football, that was the whole joke! You probably robbed CH&TS of a favorite, you idiot. I hope you're happy.

This inanity gets included because I fucking hate it when someone comments "I only liked this because of your awesome username." Yes, buddy, we get that you understand whatever the reference it. That's no reason to make a comment. Shut up, asshole.

Don't do this, bavanlan. You've made a couple of good jokes, which is a good thing. But, if you can't make a good joke, wait until the next post, shut the fuck up, and let someone else do it. Don't fucking commission one. This annoys me, if you couldn't tell.