Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

A few days after a big story, I always feel like I need one of those souped-up zombie deflecting trucks to wade through the comment section. But those only exist in the movies, and probably Texas.


Here's a tasty [makes Italian kissy-hand gesture] morsel from MarmolHeater in the Masahiro Tanaka post. I would point to a comment like this when advocating for people not to dismiss all their dumb replies. There's just something funny about reading a joke, immediately getting it, and being bowled over by someone not being able to put their fucking head electrons in the right order to execute a thought process. Incredible.

I guess the other side of the coin could be the drooling, knuckle-dragging nincompoop who tried to ride Rare Endangered Vuvuzela's coattails in the Jim Skow post. Anyway, REV's joke is funny. I was listening to someone who writes for a major comedy show recently, and they said one of the most fun parts is coming up with fake names. I think Assbutt Microwang would probably only fly on cable though. Hey, stick around and get a real name, Rare whatever.

This is a stone cold joke, Milo Minderbender. Stone fuckin' cold. And that's the kind of joke that I like.

Also on board the "replies are good" bandwagon: Steve U, who does some good work off a FreemanMcNeil set piece in the Fat A-Rod post. As a user of certain social media sites, I'm always up for a good joke at the expense of people who use other social media sites. Nice face, LinkedIn users. Fuckin' clowns.

A weird thought on Maloik's (who seems to have a gift for dialogue, by the way) joke in the same post. I did actually use Google translate on it, and I laughed when I read the translation. But isn't it almost funnier if you don't look it up? It's just truer to the joke somehow, to imagine a real Mariachi singing those lyrics in Spanish, and a bewildered Rodriguez flashing his big, soft tits around the bar trying to figure out why everyone's laughing. Maybe I just like Mariachi music. ♫ Este es el comentario del día! ♫

Nice idiot joke, RMJ=H. You damned idiot.

Total Fucking Duds

For a complete list of duds, just read any Richard Sherman post's comments or go on Twitter or MySpace, if you've ever eaten your own turds. [Gotcha, MySpacers!] But here are a few I saw today.

No, Virgilante, here's the formula: you stink. Squared.

There was a time that Deadspin was known for this type of comment, Gene-Rayburner. I sincerely hope that that time is over. Of course I understand the joke. I get the point of it. And I'm not saying it's too taboo a subject from which to extract humor. But objectively, look at that formulation and tell me where the actual part where I laugh is. You can't just refer to a thing. That's not a joke. That's a Wiki.

Too inside baseball, LouisLipps. And not enough funny besides.


Alright, that's it and that's all. Have a good night, and pray that Petchesky doesn't break a big story tomorrow or it's going to be more of this crap for a while. And go read the boss's thing! It's good!