Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

Favorites, in no particular order:

I laughed at this ridiculous line from Same Sad Echo in the Team USA Uniforms post, and I don't even know what it means. It's just so fucking absurd. I'm still giggling about it. Also, come on, this is hilarious, in the Bieber GIF post. I snorted loudly at the last line.

Here's a funny little sequence from marmol heater in the Pro Bowl Draft post. He uses this structure to give the joke timing in the setup, and so he can obscure his angle a little bit, and it works. Nice job.

This is a smart one-liner from itlnstln in the Pro Bowl Draft post. Simple enough wordplay, unencumbered by a lot of awkward setup. Stick around, guy. And if you're gonna stick around, make jokes.

I thought this was funny enough, from Mired in the Grey in the Pro Bowl Draft post. It's a little clunky, and not all of its component parts work, but the middle section gets it going and is worth a hearty chuckle. Good work.

I couldn't possibly disagree with the peanut gallery more on this blurt, from snoop-a-loop in the Jim Harbaugh: Bitch post. The punctuation is great! It gives the joke a beating heart. I don't want this line to be some dry bit of sarcasm, I want it to be an angry, bewildered exclamation! I laughed at this, as much for the tone as anything else.

Here's a groan-inducing Idiot joke from girlwonder in the Jim Harbaugh: Bitch post. Man is that dumb. I chuckled, even while shaking my head in disgust.

This dumb recontextualization from fusilliGaryBettman in the Dumb Redskins Video post is good for a laugh. It doesn't have to be a Jeopardy-style question at the end, but it might just add a certain silliness. Anyway, great job.

Alright, I laughed at this offering from Universal Enveloping Algebra in the Super Bowel Platters post. It's just funny. It is.

This is funny, from Gene-Rayburner in the Volleyball post. It's smart and silly and delivered beautifully. Good stuff.

Speaking of smart and silly and delivered beautifully, here's a humdinger from Madoffs Mets in the Andrea Bargnani post. That's great.

Here's a hilarious pull from DougExeter in the Raiderette post. Yeah, I needed a second or two here. I'm an ass.

Total Fucking Duds

What the hell is this, from DogFisterAcePitcher in the Browns' Coaching Search post? That is some desperate shit right there. Schiano is like piano! Woof. There's not a room of people on earth that wouldn't shake their heads sadly in unison at that miserable thing. And it got 20 recs! Christ.

Here's something very nearly as desperate from Hit Bull Win Steak in the Chipper Jones post. I get it! It's because of the word burn. And it's creative because he added the World Series thing. Impressive! Jackass.

I wish I could drop a sad trombone on this boring, lazy crap from Rod Strickland Propane in the Jim Harbaugh: Bitch post. Well, you've mastered the humor of 13-year-olds, bud. Maybe make your next joke not the least original thing ever said.

Jesus. I'm capping the duds there. Holy cow there were a lot of bad jokes today. Still, bad jokes are jokes, and I'll take 'em over a bunch of hot sports takes. Also, no Comment of the Day. All the Favorites are funny, there isn't one that towers over the rest.

Have a grand, um, morning.