Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

Everybody okay out there? You sure? Today was......lackluster.

Favorites, in no particular order:

Here's a cute little knee-slapper from RMJ=H in the Opening Ceremony Mistake post. Understandably, people had fun with the visuals on this story. Some more successfully than others. This was a good one.

And an equally goofy volley from DougExeter in the Racist Flame post. Seemed simple enough, but hey, at least one idiot didn't get it.

The dysfunctional Sochi Olympics horse will eventually die, but Gene Rayburner squeezed a little fun out of this beating in the same post. Nice little recontextualization there.

Rounding out the skeleton crew tonight is Milo Minderbender with this effortless jab in the Russian Beer post. That's probably the best pure joke of the night, but it just doesn't feel like a day that earned a COTD. Wednesday's COTD is double, alright? It's like a skins game, except we're all losers.

Total Fucking Duds

Well, this thread was fucking stupid. But don't worry, I'm sure newcomer Barry Petchesky will figure out what the comments should be like soon.

Simpsons gifs and huge text walls! It's like someone invented a time machine that only goes back to shitty joke eras of the Deadspin comment section. And Tamit766 is our Mr. Peabody.

I think Spilly writes about unusual foods. Well, this dumb ass picture comment (and stupid meme prompt from Timothy Burke) made me want to shoot myself in the head.....nachos. Whatever.

Couching your garbage joke in an ironic frame only works if you can actually squint and see the humor in it, Hit Bull Win Steak. This is just regular garbage. But hey don't stop there, why not produce even more offensive garbage? A banner day for HBWS.

Classic shot at Fetal Alcohol Syndrome here from Will Gordon. Those kids deserved to be taken down a peg, thanks.

But since we can't go a whole day without having multiple posts infected by memes, here's Nikkolai expending the least possible effort to make sure the comment section stays as unreadable and stupid as possible.

Finally, here's a huge fucking picture of a guy in his underwear. Thanks, What a Silly Bunt. Knock it off.

Ladies and gentlemen, there was a simply overwhelming amount of outrageously idiotic bullshit on display out there today. I made the mistake of consuming it all at once, right now, before I go to bed. It's a tremendous way to go to bed pissed off. Highly recommended. Goodnight, and good weekend.