1) Sioux (as in, somebody better sioux that guy - wish I could hit that recommendation button twice, amirite???)

2) reservation(s) (did you know some Native Americans live on reservations? Well, they're also the most effective way to get a table at a restaurant and some people have them about certain things.)

3) Blue Gatorade (as in, fuck, blue Gatorade is delicious and anybody who says otherwise is on weed.)


4) Apache (as in, Reilly has a lot of work to do in order to Apache things up with his father-in-law.)

5) Seminole (as in, This could be a Seminole moment in their relationship - a play on seminal.)


6) red in the face (get it? - somebody is embarrassed, hence being red in the face, which is a hilarious pun in the context of a discussion littered with salient points denouncing the Redskins name.)

7) getting hit by a car (the inclusion of this on a list implies that the options below it are inferior to the process of being struck by a moving vehicle.)




81) Yellow Gatorade (as in, fuck, yellow Gatorade tastes like a trail of tears. Tears enriched with electrobodies that help replenish the body.)

/logs off

//kills self