Third in a series on how to recognize the most powerful people in the nation’s most popular sport.

Team: Miami Dolphins
Owner: Stephen Ross
Beverage of Choice: Sparkling Water
Stadium Funding Plan: Collect the loose change from between the cushions in the drawing room sofas.
Fun Fact: Tried to imitate other owners in order to fit in; failed magnificently when he threatened to move the franchise to Palm Beach.

Team: Chicago Bears
Owner: Virginia Halas McCaskey
Beverage of Choice: Gin. And keep them coming, dear.
Notable For: Having way more fun than you.
Response to Interview Request: I own what?

Team: Kansas City Chiefs
Owner: Clark Hunt
Favorite Business Deal: Two words - Bitcoin Derivatives.
Favorite Party Ice-Breaker: Shouts “say my name three times fast!”

Team: Houston Texans
Owner: Robert McNair
Prize Possession: Animation cel of Mr. Burns switching off Springfield’s electricity supply.
Fun Fact: Used his Torch of Liberty Award to burn down all the floats the night before Houston’s LGBT Pride Day parade.

Team: Pittsburgh Steelers
Owner: Dan Rooney
Beverage of Choice: Extra-dry Martini
Fun Fact: Found Holy Grail during tenure as ambassador to Ireland; accidentally drank from wrong chalice.

Team: Philadelphia Eagles
Owner: Jeffrey Lurie
Beverage of Choice: Sam Adams Seasonal
Second-Most Expensive Purchase: Philadelphia Eagles.
Most Expensive Purchase: Academy Award statuette.

Team: New England Patriots
Owner: Robert Kraft
Self-Described Profession: Business Magnate
According to Everyone Else: Diamagnet - repels in all directions.

Team: Oakland Raiders
Owner: Mark Davis
Beverage of Choice: An Appletini at P.F. Chang’s