Exciting news this week for fans of Dave Grohl, HBO, and HBO original series: Dave Grohl is filming his own HBO series. Friend of the program, Jeb Lund, broke the earth-shaking news last night—the news that Dave Grohl, lead singer of the Foo Fighters, is in fact filming his own HBO series:

The Twitterverse predictably exploded at this bombshell concerning Dave Grohl's latest creative project: the filming of a new HBO series about Dave Grohl.

One Dave Grohl and HBO original series enthusiast had something of an existential crisis at the revelation that Dave Grohl is filming his own HBO series:

Some fans, who apparently live under rocks inside caves on Tatooine, had not yet heard about Dave Grohl filming his own HBO series:

Perhaps most disturbing about Dave Grohl's announcement, that he's filming his own HBO series, is the all-too-perfect coincidence with the failures of American foreign policy, which could take a page from Dave Grohl's book, and start filming its own HBO series:

I reached out to Dave Grohl, who happily took my call from the set where he's filming his own HBO series, and asked for a preview of his series, which he's currently in the process of filming for HBO:

Without giving too much away, I'm right now as we speak in the filming stages of a new HBO series. All I can really say is that I'm filming my own HBO series.

Tune in or purchase HBO as soon as you can, lest you miss out on Dave Grohl's upcoming HBO series, which he is filming right now.