Donald Sterling's Revenge Plan

  • - Erect "World's Greatest Owner" statue of self in front of Staples Center
  • - Hire another prostitute and record himself telling her how he loves almost all black people, just not the specific ones he mentioned in the other recording.
  • - Fire all players immediately before game
    Only allow 7.5 players to dress, see if they get the hint.
  • - Rearrange liver spots to spell out "Fuck you Silver"
  • - Ask Al Davis what to do
  • - Law suits, law suits, law suits!
  • - Move team to Indianapolis overnight without telling anybody.
  • - Buy chocolate milk, oreos, bananas… shit Don, get it together, this isn't your grocery list
  • - Call other owners, crudely piece together audio making them sound racist, blackmail.
  • - Do nothing, continue to collect $.