Favorites and duds from today's commenting.

Tonight it's the small rodeo bull, apparently. Kinja hates Roundups.

Favorites, in no particular order:

This is adorable, from Same Sad Echo in the Slopestyle Matryoshka Doll post. The tone is great, and the punchline is worth it. Good stuff.

Here's a funny little dialogue from Bevraj of Choice in the Food in the Ass post. It's great to see Bevraj of Choice back in the comments. This guy is great.

I also chuckled at this dialogue from Madoffs Mets in the same post. It's just a great use of the content available. Nice job.

This is simple and effective, from DougExeter in the Olympics Live post. It's an easy joke, but it works.

This is also an easy joke, in the same post, from girlwonder. Just a quick spin of the word live and you've got a sharp and successful joke. Good work.

I enjoyed this bunch of silliness from BONG HITS 4 TEBOW in the Stray Dog post. It doesn't really have that climax where the joke comes together for its high point, but the angle is solid and it works by accumulation. Keep it up, my man.

Okay, so, this is a fat joke, from Raysism in the World Cup Discount post. But it's such a good fat joke. The straight voice complements the blunt delivery of the punchline so well. I couldn't help but laugh at this.

This line from Barry Petchesky in the NFL Corporate Logos post is just great. Writers don't normally make jokes, and I don't normally include their stuff in Roundups, but this is awesome. It's smart and funny and delivered perfectly.

This is a killer line from Metta Whirled Peas in the Olympics Hater's Guide. That's wonderful. Dark as hell, but wonderful. It's just so well made. You almost don't notice the once-in-a-lifetime bit - it's something that we hear in Olympics coverage so often, referring to competitors and medalists - and then the statistic brings the meaning of that phrase crashing home. This deserved more attention. It's the Comment of the Day.

Here's a solid recontextualization from TheInfantTyrone in the Dunk Contest Field post. Good pull, good delivery. Keep it up.

Total Fucking Duds

Buh, this is just so boring and ham-fisted, from geographiend13 in the Bob Costas post. I wouldn't want to know the kind of person who is still thrilled by this kind of humor past the age of 14. The entire joke here is that the word bukakke exists.

Keep an eye on this DL Thurston guy - he stinks. I mean he's really bad.

Hey, that's it. Sleep tight.