1. Thanksgiving

2. Christmas Eve

3. Memorial Day

4. Black Friday


5. Did someone already do this list?

6. Halloween

7. Christmas Day

8. This feels like a list someone would have done on here already.

9. Father's Day/Mother's Day


10. Fourth of July

11. I searched but didn't see anything. I clicked on the tag, too, got nothing.

12. New Year's Eve

13. Labor Day


14. Did you know Festivus is listed on Wikipedia's "unofficial holidays" chart?

15. Valentine's Day


16. Veterans Day

17. MLK Day

18. Actually I can see now why someone hasn't done this yet. I don't want to offend anyone's religious preferences or whatever.


19. Cinco de Mayo

20. And what if I leave one out? I'm going to get crucified.


21. Earth Day

22. Ugh! Not crucified in the religious sense!!!!!


23. Groundhog Day

24. Grandparents Day

25. The whole point is, Thanksgiving is the best holiday


26. Constitution Day