Yes, it's a day late, but Your Curator played a World Cup drinking game yesterday. Namely, drink until Germany stops scoring. So, here were are. A day late. Fight me.

Favorites and Duds from Today's (Yesterday's) Commenting

Favorites, in no particular order:

RMJ=H crafted a hilarious Idiot pun in the Ticket Scalping Scandal that just makes you shake your head.


In the Daily Photo post, ObscureSimpsonsReference offered up a straight-up ham-fisted stomp on Marge Schott. Here's your Comment of the Day.

I liked this continuation/responsion joke from cobra, brah! in the Dumbass Fugitive story. Go back and look at Mr. Mertz picture and tell me that isn't something he would say. So good.

Two favorites in Scocca's [REDACTED] Gag. Fred Merkle's sharp eye went ahead and completed the exercise, while Constitutional scholar Same Sad Echo has some 1st Amendment amendments for all of you.


Pleatherface wrote an excellent Idiot joke in the Brazilian Fan Falling post that holds whiffs of Leslie Nielson's best deliveries.

Total Fucking Duds

This is awful, bvbull200. There's no joke here, just some loose conglomeration of words around a stupid, crass "this sorta sounds like that" idea. Do something with it.

What the hell is going on here, Pearls of Wisdom? I can sorta see what you're driving at, but like I said up there, you gotta do something with it. I've seen you in the favorites before, but that whole thread is a cluttered mess.

What's with the sudden influx of "In before the …" comments of late? Luckily, jt1987 got a big ole whoopin' from Petchesky for this one. And earlier in the day, give Barry another hand for this takedown of chupacabra69 (who changed his handle, I guess?).

That'll do it for yesterday's Roundup. Stay tuned for today's, Wednesday's, which will be along later, assuming Shitehawk hasn't snapped my neck for a late submission. E's & O's below, as ever. Peace.