Sidespin Logo Contest update: I am way too busy with actual, gainful employment to deal with it this week. Instead, let's take a stroll back through memory lane!

9. Ninjas

Ninjas! Aren't ninjas neat? Remember the Comment Ninja? Sigh.

This one sucked, and was up for a very limited time.

8. Neon Dream

Neon lights! To remind you of the time in college you had that Budweiser neon light in your room, and you thought you were awesome but you were really a huge huge, tool.

7. Supernofriendo

Ah, the old Nintendo classic! Here's a cheat code for you: stop fucking my wife, Gary.

6. Lasers: We Are The Future

With this logo, we are all rhythm now.

5. Dude Is This Blowing Your Mind

We got our kid a Spirograph. Spirographs are fucking cool. Pro tip: I found this font searching for "Atari 2600."

4. Gotta Get Back In Logo Design Class

Sensing an 80's theme? Jesus I am an old fucking man. Anyway, this one is just ok, but actually took some actual effort to find the font and get the right fill gradient, so it's getting an inflated ranking.

3. Sidespin, Brought To You By Your Grandma's Church Program

Ah, the heady days of #Lanaghazi. What's funnier than peace, love and understanding? Sketchy bus drivers.

2. Hobo Killing, Pictorially Speaking

Hobo signs! Obviously this one is great. Now, hobos don't have a sign alphabet, so this doesn't spell "Sidespin". The symbols mean, in order:


This is not a safe place/ Dangerous neighborhood/ A kind lady lives here/ There's no use going this way/ Hit the road/ Kind woman lives here; tell pitiful story/ Halt/ Courthouse.

Which is actually a pretty perfect summary of what Sidespin is about.


The logo that started it all. As usual, the first try was the best.