All right, it's Tuesday morning and I'm back in the saddle, which means it's time for me to post the results from last week and then have Capt. Gladys Stoatpamphlet correct all of the mistakes that I've made and for all of you to get mad at me.

Hey, if you're so great, CGS, why don't you run the damn league? Good point, Doug.


A lack of upsets in the NFL this week meant that you idiots (except Telly, who was the only competitor this week to lose to a coin toss) did reasonably well in your predictions, although you lived up to your name in making your predictions. Yes, you combined to pretty much make every error possible in making your picks, save and aside for picking non-existent teams. This is what happens when I go away for a week, I suppose. Get your damn act together.

Don't believe me? Here's the rundown of idiocy this week:

First there was this. Then, this. Oh, also, somehow, this. Also, some of you apparently still think this:

Yes you pick the damn Monday game.

Anyway, the king of the idiots - me - lived up to the name by cheating enough that I manufactured the first perfect week in Idiots Pool history, so everyone tell me how great I am. DO IT

Without further ado, here are the Week 3 Results:

Week 3TeamScoreTeamScore
BronzeHammer Memorial ConferenceCapt. Gladys Stoatpamphlet6Bring Back Anthony Mason8
BronzeHammer Memorial ConferenceDougExeter10BatmansRobyn7
BronzeHammer Memorial ConferenceEvil Roy Slade8Telemundo3
BronzeHammer Memorial ConferenceFreemanMcNeil8StuartScottsEye7
BronzeHammer Memorial ConferenceJay Sanin6SponsoredByV86
BronzeHammer Memorial Conferencemarmol heater7Same Sad Echo7
BronzeHammer Memorial ConferenceMilo Minderbinder6Rubdirtinittakealap7
BronzeHammer Memorial ConferencePeabo Bryson8rhythm method8
SonarJose Memorial ConferenceBlackGallagher9AnthonyMasonsBarber7
SonarJose Memorial Conferencecobra, brah7Aaron G6
SonarJose Memorial ConferenceCyrus the Virus7ZachHalverson5
SonarJose Memorial ConferenceDingoDen6The Amazing Sneijderman8
SonarJose Memorial ConferenceDJ Jazzy Jeff Weaver7PostApocalypticRecSpecs8
SonarJose Memorial ConferenceDrifter6Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood7
SonarJose Memorial ConferenceErg8Mangini in a Bottle6
SonarJose Memorial ConferenceGirlwonder7JacquesLeftFeet6

These are the updated BHMC standings:

Team GP WLTPicksAvg.Win Pct
Bring Back Anthony Mason2200136.51.000
Evil Roy Slade32101860.667
rhythm method3102196.330.667
Peabo Bryson2101157.50.750
marmol heater3111196.330.500
Jay Sanin3111165.330.500
Same Sad Echo31111550.500
Milo Minderbinder3012175.670.333
Capt. Gladys Stoatpamphlet3021175.670.167

And the updated SJMC standings:

Team GP WLTPicksAvg.Win Pct
The Amazing Sneijderman3201196.330.833
cobra, brah32101860.667
Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood31021860.667
DJ Jazzy Jeff Weaver3111196.330.500
Cyrus the Virus31111860.500
Aaron G3120175.670.333
Mangini in a Bottle30211550.167

The Week 4 preview post will come shortly. Capt. Gladys can let me know all of the mistakes I've made in the comments below.