Fuck rankings, let's crowd source this stuff, you guys.

Obviously this normally takes place in DUAN! with Luv4AllMusik leading the charge, but this afternoon I was listening to Prince's 'Little Red Corvette' and it got to that part where he breaks it down. You know the part I'm talking about, where the Purple One oozes, "GIIIIRRRRLLLLL GOT AN ASS LIKE I NEEEEVER SEEEEEEEEEEEEN"...


At that point in the song there's a musical cue that always causes me to react. I'll type it here, but you oughta just listen to it:

"And the riiiide...."


"And the riiiiide is so smoooooooooothhhhh IT MUST BE A LIMOUSINE!"

That bass groove... That Ba-da-ba-da-da-ba-ba-ba-da-da-daaaa... It affects me in a way that can only be described through the senses.


It looks like the bright lights of the city that would awe me as a child when my dad drove our family down Hennepin Avenue after a Twins game at the Metrodome. It tastes like that first beer on a night when you're going out with your buddies. It smells like thick perfume from a beautiful woman. It sounds like pure coolness.

It feels like 'omph'.

Say it. One syllable.



You all know what omph is. Omph is that twinge in your back that makes you thrust your hips forward and arch your back. It can be invoked by a strong guitar chord in the middle of a solo, a belted out lyric or really anything else your heart desires.

Omph is what we search for when we listen to music.

So what songs and, maybe more importantly, what specific performances of those songs have something that gives you that omph feeling?

All suggestions are welcome. If you think Ariana Grande's Love Me Harder can invoke the omph and you can tell us why then let us know. No judgements, just jammin.