A Kast of Kontemptible Kharacters: Pacquiao - Rios Previewed

Positive stories in boxing are hard to come by. In the past few weeks alone, we suffered the tragic death of Franky Leal and the uncertain future of heavyweight, Magomed Abdusalamov (who appeared to be progressing earlier this week before suffering a setback and lapsing back into a coma). The most popular fighters… » 11/23/13 1:34pm 11/23/13 1:34pm

Boxing is a Goddamned Tragedy

Yeah. I know I've said otherwise. But how does one make any sense of out of something like this? Journeyman bantamweight Francisco "Franky" Leal has died after being knocked out on Saturday night and never regaining consciousness. » 10/22/13 9:51pm 10/22/13 9:51pm

A Brief Haterish Note On Floyd Mayweather's Win That Isn't Really Hating

Floyd Mayweather didn't just beat Canelo Alvarez on Saturday night; he utterly dominated him. I gave Canelo one of the twelve rounds, and based on general reaction, I was being generous and/or drunk. It was a great performance against Floyd's most legitimate opponent in years. He should rightfully be feted for… » 9/17/13 10:43am 9/17/13 10:43am

One You Can't Miss: Why You Need To Tune In To Mayweather-Canelo Tonight

No one goes to Hooters for wings. So says, Chris Rock, the Floyd Mayweather of comedians, in that he got a bunch of publicity for saying some controversial stuff a few years back but now most of us have grown a little tired of his act. The premise of the joke is straight forward and tough to dispute: when something… » 9/14/13 8:02pm 9/14/13 8:02pm

Confessions of a Concussion Collector: Why It's Okay To Enjoy Boxing

[Author's note: the Kevin Kolb article on the inevitably of concussions in a violent sport reminded me of something I wrote last year about my own experience as a repeatedly concussed athlete and all-purpose klutz] » 8/26/13 11:39am 8/26/13 11:39am

Today's Must Read: Thomas Hauser on Gay Rights at the Olympics

You should listen any time that the most brilliant boxing journalist in the world today, Thomas Hauser, speaks (cf. Dan Rafael). » 8/22/13 4:23pm 8/22/13 4:23pm

Boxing's Credibility Problem: Why All Your Heroes Suck

[Author's Note: I wrote this last December on Uppercutting.com but it came up during a recent Twitter debate and I thought it might be worth sharing] » 8/18/13 1:11pm 8/18/13 1:11pm

Adrien Broner and the Rise of the Boxing Supervillain

Adrien “The Problem” Broner defeated Paulie Malignaggi last month, confirming his status as the hottest rising star in boxing. At the same time, Broner sits at the forefront of a disturbing trend, one that has a very real potential to derail the sport. The Sweet Science can be a brutal sport and an equally brutal… » 6/24/13 3:32pm 6/24/13 3:32pm

Mayweather Makes A Ton Of Money Based On Chart That Assumes There Are 5…

So, this chart is making the rounds on Twitter and Reddit, in which Floyd Mayweather is shown making a mere $944K per minute but a whopping $175K per second. Of course, this math works perfectly if you assume there are about 5.5 seconds in a minute, which you may assume, if you are in fact Floyd Mayweather. » 7/02/13 3:27pm 7/02/13 3:27pm

No, Adriennnnn!!!! The Hottest Rising Star in Boxing Tweets That…

Boxing. As a fan, you try to focus on the good and ignore the bad. We know it's a brutal sport in which the athletes are exploited by corrupt sanctioning bodies and unscrupulous promoters; where the fans regularly overpay for dull fight cards with little in the way of undercards; and where the most important fights… » 6/15/13 4:50pm 6/15/13 4:50pm

Mario Lopez, Television's A.C. Slater, Blatantly Rips Off Tweet From…

Mario Lopez, who overcame numerous challenges to graduate from Bayside High School in 1993 before apparently dropping out of California University prior to graduation, seems to have learned little from his academic-minded girlfriend, Jessie "Mama" Spano. Tonight, following the blockbuster announcement that Floyd… » 5/30/13 12:27am 5/30/13 12:27am

Saturday Afternoon Is Also Alright (For Fighting): Kessler-Froch II…

After months of fights of questionable significance or total mismatches between Floyd Mayweather and [opponent TBA], we finally get a real gem this afternoon (6:00 p.m. EST, 3:00 PST, HBO): the long-awaited rematch between super middleweight kingpin Carl Froch and… » 5/25/13 3:11pm 5/25/13 3:11pm

The Best and Worst of Boxing In One Convenient Evening

Tonight, you can choose whether you want to watch what makes boxing great or what makes its most ardent fans cringe. You're forgiven in advance for choosing the latter. » 5/18/13 5:37pm 5/18/13 5:37pm

Mike Tyson: Today a Cartoon, Was Once a Rap

Today, we found out that Mike Tyson is going to have his own cartoon featuring a talking pigeon with whom he solves crimes. If you only know Mike Tyson from his Hangover crooning moments or guest shots on late night talk shows, you probably don't see anything amiss here. But, for those of us old enough to remember… » 5/11/13 3:23pm 5/11/13 3:23pm

The World's Most Powerful Hate Group: Why You Will End Up Watching…

I can read your mind. Ready? O.K., clear your thoughts. Oh yes, oh yes, I’m getting something… you hate Floyd Mayweather. » 5/04/13 4:18pm 5/04/13 4:18pm