A Brief Haterish Note On Floyd Mayweather's Win That Isn't Really Hating

Floyd Mayweather didn't just beat Canelo Alvarez on Saturday night; he utterly dominated him. I gave Canelo one of the twelve rounds, and based on general reaction, I was being generous and/or drunk. It was a great performance against Floyd's most legitimate opponent in years. He should rightfully be feted for… »9/17/13 10:43am9/17/13 10:43am

One You Can't Miss: Why You Need To Tune In To Mayweather-Canelo Tonight

No one goes to Hooters for wings. So says, Chris Rock, the Floyd Mayweather of comedians, in that he got a bunch of publicity for saying some controversial stuff a few years back but now most of us have grown a little tired of his act. The premise of the joke is straight forward and tough to dispute: when something… »9/14/13 8:03pm9/14/13 8:03pm

Adrien Broner and the Rise of the Boxing Supervillain

Adrien “The Problem” Broner defeated Paulie Malignaggi last month, confirming his status as the hottest rising star in boxing. At the same time, Broner sits at the forefront of a disturbing trend, one that has a very real potential to derail the sport. The Sweet Science can be a brutal sport and an equally brutal… »7/11/13 7:31pm7/11/13 7:31pm

Mayweather Makes A Ton Of Money Based On Chart That Assumes There Are 5 Seconds In A Minute

So, this chart is making the rounds on Twitter and Reddit, in which Floyd Mayweather is shown making a mere $944K per minute but a whopping $175K per second. Of course, this math works perfectly if you assume there are about 5.5 seconds in a minute, which you may assume, if you are in fact Floyd Mayweather. »7/02/13 3:27pm7/02/13 3:27pm

No, Adriennnnn!!!! The Hottest Rising Star in Boxing Tweets That Ungrateful Women Deserve to Be Killed

Boxing. As a fan, you try to focus on the good and ignore the bad. We know it's a brutal sport in which the athletes are exploited by corrupt sanctioning bodies and unscrupulous promoters; where the fans regularly overpay for dull fight cards with little in the way of undercards; and where the most important fights… »6/15/13 4:50pm6/15/13 4:50pm

Mario Lopez, Television's A.C. Slater, Blatantly Rips Off Tweet From Boxing Writer

Mario Lopez, who overcame numerous challenges to graduate from Bayside High School in 1993 before apparently dropping out of California University prior to graduation, seems to have learned little from his academic-minded girlfriend, Jessie "Mama" Spano. Tonight, following the blockbuster announcement that Floyd… »5/30/13 12:27am5/30/13 12:27am