Yeah I received an invoice yesterday that says I owe you five hundred 'n thirty eight dollars. My customer number is ATO30 and I turned my tanks in back in April.

I's supposed to turn 'em in in January but it took ya'll until April to come out 'ere and get 'em. Then you been sendin' me a uhh a letter in the mail sayin' I owed ya fourteen dollars, which I don't.

And now I get a letter sayin' you I owe you five hundred 'n thirty eight dollars. Well ya'll are outta your fuckin' MIND because I don't owe you NOTHIN'.


I don't HAVE your TANKS the DRIVER came and GOT 'EM in APRIL, DO YA GOT THAT? MY NAME IS (edited for clarity) SEVEN NINE TWO NINE OH FIVE (edited for clarity) SIX ONE FIVE. I BETTER HEAR SOMETHIN' BACK FROM YOU FUCKERS, YOU GOT THAT?! *fumbles with phone before successfully hanging up*