I don't know if this is workable, but since the problem with Deadspin commenting seems to be the volume of really bad commenters, what if we just moved the traditional commenting to this site? In other words, we could link the story to Sidespin and then comment here, using the Commentist Manifesto as a guide? I confess that I am not sure of the mechanics of how to do this to limit the comments to just those posted here, as opposed to all comments posted in any forum, but there are a lot of smart people here (or a least a few) and I feel like a solution can be hammered out.

Also, I cannot stop looking at this .gif.

So much going on in such a short period of time. And I cannot help but wonder about the context. What is the purpose of this twerk-off in a parking lot? who was the winner? What is the girl in the bandana doing with her hands? Why is the girl on the right grabbing her thang? So many questions...