Let's be honest with ourselves, everyone: the Deadspin comment section is not quite what it used to be. Well-respected and talented regulars are dropping off one by one, and are being replaced by the cream of the dregs of the internet, with their bigotry, hackiness, moral grandstanding, and Futurama pictures. This is obviously not good.

Many have remarked that part of the problem here is the inability of the commenters to police ourselves and enforce a certain standard that'll take the comment section back from those that are currently poisoning it from the inside. And it is tough. But a lot of you are trying to fight back, though, and I think that's great. My work day would be so much worse if not for the laughs that Deadspin consistently brings me, and genuine attempts to bring the site back to its halcyon days are encouraging to see.

That's why I want to do my part, too. A lot of you may think that I haven't been around long enough to write this article, or that I just don't have the comedic chops. And we're all entitled to our opinions, no matter how wrong and bitchy and obviously motivated by petty jealousy they are. But if you feel that strongly about it, then why not throw up a roundup yourself? The more voices on the subject, the better, although they're not necessarily as good as mine.

Anyway, let's get down to business, shall we?

Favorites, in no particular order:

This bizarre pull from Milo Minderbinder in the Paul Hornung post got my attention. Nice work.


Milo Minderbinder weighed in with a topical reference to a meme in the dog field invasion story from this afternoon. Wow! Much Bilingual! Such Erudtie! So Renasance Man!


This joke from Milo Minderbinder on the Xbox One's swearing penalties story may not have torn the house down per se, but it certainly elicited quite a chuckle from me and the rest of the gaming nerds out there. Boy, FIFA's a fucking shithouse, huh? How many controllers have been smashed against wall due to a bogus 90th minute penalty, or lag, or David Luiz morphing into the second Beckenbauer during an Ultimate Team cup final? Well done, Milo, for hitting notes out there today that everyone can identify with.

But the true gem of these past few days has to be Milo Minderbinder's artistry in the Myles Jack post from last night. Hell, I nearly cranked one out myself just from reading it. Truly inspirational, you mad genius.


Total Fucking Duds:

I don't know of many, to be honest. Frankly, I'm just feeling good about the robust Favorites section, and I don't want to focus on the negative tonight. Let's just bask in its glory and lead the unwashed masses by example, not scolding.


Got any suggestions you'd like to add to my list? Feel free to post them below, where I will either dismiss them or tell you to fuck off.