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A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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I was recently asked a very important question: Does beer feel better in a can or a bottle? I, frankly, was stumped. So I took a year to do some research, which is why there hasn’t been a Beer Blog entry for quite some time. that, and the fact that sidespin died. After a long period of introspection and planning, I decided the appropriate beverage for this study was MGD, as it is sold in both a can and a bottle and it came highly recommended from an idiot. So I went to whole foods to get some MGD, but, believe it or not, they were out of stock! SAD! Thankfully, the bullet-ridden liquor store near me had plenty of MGD in both bottles and cans. if you want to know what a great deal this beer is, too bad, this is not the blog for that. This is a blog about how beer feels, and this particular entry is about whether beer feels better in a can or a bottle.


And the real answer here folks is, depends what you’re in the mood for. I know, a fucken wishy-washy answer, but I have to tell you, there were some days this year that the can just felt great — so metallic, with just the right amount of give when you squeeze it — but there were other days when I wanted nothing more than that smooth, slick, hard glass in my hands. there were still other days when i just got sick of holding beer cans and bottles. But keep holding them I did, in the name of research! For I am nothing if not a scientist — its not like i hold and drink all these beers because I like to, or, at this point, because I have a physical need to. Nosiree! I do this all for you. I wish I could have delivered a more definitive answer for you, but it just goes to show you, that Feel is in the hand of the be(er)holder!

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