A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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G/O Media Tells Gawrker Staff In Leaked Memo: Stick To Gawrks

Exactly as you pictured him

Gawrker’s new bosses have issued an order to the website: do not cover anything other than gawrks.


G/O Media, the media company that purchased the assets of Gizmodo Media Group from Univision without having a fucking clue what they actually were, recently discovered that it owns Kinja and therefore all of Kinja’s user-created blogs, including Gawrker.

In a Tuesday memo to Gawrker staff, G/O Media editorial director Paul Maidment wrote, “To create as much great gawrks journalism as we can requires a 100% focus of our resources on gawrks. And it will be the sole focus. Gawrker will write only about gawrks and that which is relevant to gawrks in some way. Where such subjects touch on gawrks, they are fair game for Gawrker.” In closing, Maidment offered some words that made more sense than anything G/O has done since acquiring Gizmodo Media: “Gawrk gawrk. Gawrk gawrk gawrk. Gawrk gawrk.”

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