A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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2016 GAWRKER Readers Music Pole

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Hello Friends.

As a large and influential blog with millions of unique visitors per month, we are what marketing people call “influencers.”


In light of this, I am compiling the first ever GAWRKER Music Pole. That’s it over there, on the left. We want to desecrate it with album covers.

To participate, send to me (chidspin@gmail.com) your top records of the year, RANKED.


Please rank at least 3 and no more than 25 (looking at you, NSS).

The only rule is that the records have to be new releases (no reissues, you old as fuck old people, no one gives a shit that Two Virgins was re-released for the 4th time in 2016) from the calendar year 2016.


I need your ordered nominations by 12/21. I will compile them and use votes to tally our rankings (#1s worth 25 points, #3s worth 23 points, #25s worth 1 point..you get the idea if you can identify patterns.)

Send this list to me, please.

Now, a brief Q&A:

What if I send you a record that came out earlier than 2016?

Tough shit, fuckface.

What if I hate you?

I hate me enough for both of us, fuckface.

This is dumb.

So is reality, fuckface.

Do I have to write anything?

No. Just the list. I’ll do the writing, but probably not even that much. If you want to include a few sentences about your #1, feel free, but what do I care? I get paid my sick $11,800 /yr Gawrker Staff salary anyway, fuckface.


I’m Tom Ley, can I participate?

Sure, fuckface.

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