I am the assistant manager of my league of douches who plan to drink, draft, and lose some money playing poker until the sun rises. But, these douches are people, too. We have to think of them as more than just chumps (not really, but it sounds better than what I really want to say). With that in mind, let’s see what we have on the menu this year.

This is Chid in his real form.

Just kidding! Ain’t no one eating that shit once they get shitfaced.

This year, we are going strictly bought foods. No cooking ourselves. It’s hard enough stay awake all night. We don’t need excessive work in the kitchen/bbq areas to make our day longer.

The menu thus far: Pancit. Lumpia. Chips. Dips. Crown.  And various other boozes.  Maybe we will do some bread/butter.  I don’t know.  I do know that Costco had a good price on Crown, so I that is all I have ready thus far.