Oh. Shit. Our boy is in some heat.

OMG! Will this mean the down and out Ryan will have to go to Brazilian jail too? He will NOT do well in prison. He’s way too cute.

Ryan Lochte training with Michael Phelps.

I’m worried about this, so, like, what’s the deal? Will he be be forced to face the rock hard abs of the Brazilian judicial system?


Cool. Cool. But, will he face any actual jail time?

Lochte can opt to send a lawyer and does not need to appear in court.

If convicted, Lochte, 32, could face between one to six months in jail, although the judge could choose to levy a fine instead. There would be no negotiations in that case, Clemente Braune, a commissioner with the Special Tourist Police in Rio, said Thursday.


Ok. So, he wont be extradited, can send an attorney and will most likely face a fine?


This is Ryan’s world and we’re all just experiencing this 400-meter individual medley we call life on an NBC tape delay.


This is 500 Days of Ryan.