So here's my new idea. We get fourteen different contributors to write fourteen Sidespin posts about fourteen all-time great comments from fourteen different commenters. Here are the details:

— As for the contributors, I'm thinking primarily established commenters, with a small mix of the new guys. I would also like a couple of the commenter-turned-writers to contribute (Sean Newell, Albert Burneko, Tom know who you are).

— As for the comments, I have a few in mind that should be featured, but I'm not going to tell you what to propose. It won't be fun if it's just fourteen obvious choices, but it also won't be fun if it's fourteen comments we can barely remember.

— As for what you write, it's up to you. Maybe it's two heartfelt paragraphs. Maybe it's a long form joke. Your call. The idea is to remind us all of some great comments. But you should also plan on providing some commentary on the commenter himself (or herself, lol).


— As for who the fourteen contributors are and what the fourteen comments are, that will be my final call. DO NOT SUBMIT IDEAS IN THE COMMENTS. If you are interested in publishing a post, please email me at [my screen name] at [gmail], or DM me on Twitter. Please give me a few choices, because if you all give me Comment X by Commenter Y, it's going to be hard to put this together.

— Once I've picked the fourteen contributors and fourteen comments, I'll give each of you a publishing date, and you're on your own. Just don't tell anyone what comment/commenter you'll be writing about. I'm thinking we start this in a few weeks.


OK, now make fun of me in the comments. Or provide format ideas — you guys are usually good for a few of those.