A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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A new season of Trailer Park Boys was released. My God, does it ever suck.

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Call me a masochist, folks, but I recently subjected myself to a binge of the newly-released 10th season of Trailer Park Boys on Netflix. Now I’m a man that enjoys a good television comedy, and for a few early seasons Trailer Park Boys was just that. The show had likable characters and it had heart, and would occasionally surprise you with its wit. Those days are long gone, my friends. This season is one big, piping hot dog turd.


Honestly, I don’t even know what the plot is. They make a casino resort in the trailer park and celebrities come and there’s a real estate scam or heist or some dumbass shit that is in no way remotely interesting going on. There is a lawyer involved (Steinberg…too funny guys!), and the three main protagonists Ricky, Julian and Bubbles do some unfunny stuff in order to pay him. I think. I guess. It doesn’t matter. I really, really don’t want to get into specifics with the plot because it’s so knee-buckling-ly lame. Gotta give TPB credit for upping the ante and making Doug Benson and Tom Arnold a part of the show via cameos, though! Honest to God, those are my two least favorite celebrities on the planet. Who the in the blue blazing fuck hears those names and gets excited? At least Doug Benson Pot Comedian Extraordinaire doesn’t really say much, although he definitely still sucked, but Arnold is just plain creepy. Big stretch for him artistically, I’m sure. The show is rife with shitty homophobic jokes and lame, tired gags about Hispanics and jokes where I guess the punchline is people acting like they’re totally super drunk hahahaha. It’s all just so lazy. And unfunny. The one bright spot is Snoop Dogg, who clearly is the man despite the shitty lines they had for him. But even the D-O double Gizzle kind of looks like an ass as a result of being associated with this garbage. You’re better than this, Mr. Loop.

Series creator/writer/director Mike Clattenburg sold the TPB rights to the show’s lead actors a few years ago so that they could continue to whore out the series through the release of more seasons, movies and live shows (now all infesting Netlix. Wooo doggie!). When Clattenburg was involved, sure, the show was stupid; but it was funny and you cared about the characters on screen. This latest season was awkward and depressing, and I sincerely hope that enough people bail on the show to encourage its overdue mercy killing. The bottom line here, the crux of this post, people, is that I strongly encourage every human on earth to do themselves a favor and forget to watch season 10 of Trailer Park Boys on Netflix. It’s bad and not good and probably causes jaundice.

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