A Note From Our Ownership

Gawrker Readers: I want to hear your feedback, brother.

But I can’t hear it. Maybe if I cup my right hand near my ear I can hear it better. Nope. Well let me try this side of the ring and my other ear, using my left hand. Nope, can’t hear that either. Ok back over to the first side of the ring using my right hand. Still nothing. Shit. Are you even saying something? Fine, I’ll go back over to the other side of the ring and again cup my left hand behind my ear, like Bud Selig trying to hear a congressman’s questions at a hearing. Still nothing. You like this, don’t you? You like making me look stupid. I’m sick of being treated like this. Oh you'll talk now? Fine. One LAST time. In the MIDDLE of the ring. Using BOTH hands behind my ears. Still nothing. God dammit. Fuck you guys.