This is a very sincere piece of advice to all of you, and I hope you will remember it before you post stuff on your Kinja page or here on Sidespin: if you think your post would fit in well on another blog or vertical or website or, really, anywhere, don't publish it on Sidespin until you've pitched it to that other place.

Here's the thing: Sidespin is cool and fun and open and can be a great place to get feedback from people you trust, but it's also, like, just a dipshit forum in the middle of nowhere. There are some things that almost cannot have another home โ€” Roundups, contests, games, inside jokes, the kind of weird abstract craziness that is a specialty of our many exiled Deadspin commenters โ€” and those things, yeah, post that shit here where we can all enjoy it.

But! If you're writing a review of, say, a beer, or a cereal, or a band, or a team, or a game, or a league, or a sport, take a few minutes, copy and paste your content into a .doc file, and submit it around in case some non-circle-jerk website might want to run it. Because here's the thing: most places aren't going to publish something that's already been passed around in Kinja, and most places will want to put your totally awesome work through some kind of editorial process. And, besides, wouldn't you rather have your work published somewhere that has standards and an approval process?

If and when you determine there's no future for it outside of Sidespin, Sidespin will still be here as an available landing spot with a (mostly) friendly audience.

Now, if you need to use Sidespin to work up the nerve or the skills or whatever, hey, great. Fire away. But there are a lot of sites out there, and they all need content, and if you think your thing is good enough to publish, you should give it a chance to get grabbed up by something a little more prestigious than our little sandbox, know what I mean?


Alright, cool, do your thing.