1. Hang Time

Oh, my god. That theme song. Really just gets you up and wanting to kick some ass with me and my friends in "hang time." I have it on good authority that a number of punters were conceived to this very song, in that these "punters" are probably 16 year-old deviants now and their parents may have still been drunk from the night before. Also, look at this forward thinking - a girl on a boy's high school basketball team? PROGRESSIVE. This is the show that taught me about weird sexual tensions, namely when Julie and Adam Michael had feelings for each other but were very bad at conveying them and thus took advice from their friends ("be aggressive!" "play hard to get!" [comedic misunderstandings and sexy basketballing occurs]) and also I thought the redhead cheerleader was hot. I came away from this show thinking that high school athletics would be way sexier than they were for me. (I also ran cross country and played tennis, so maybe that had something to do with it.)

2. City Guys

The diner in this show was grittier and inherently cooler than anything Saved by the Bell had. Plus it was about cross-cultural friendship and they had a school radio station on the roof, so you know it was a pretty legit school ("Manny High," as they called it, because "Manhattan High" is not nearly as "fresh," y'all.) And how about that very confusing mish-mash of West and East Coast style in that intro? LEGIT.


3. One World

Eh, I don't remember much about this show, but there's something a liiiiiiiiiitle patronizing about the whole thing, don't you think? Also, when I hear this theme song, I reflexively feel embarrassed and ashamed for myself and for everyone involved in the writing and recording of it.


4. Pretty much anything on ABC's One Saturday Morning

Yes, I am aware this is not TNBC, but honestly, Science Court and Recess were pretty fucking great, you guys. H. Jon Benjamin was on Science Court!!!


5. [getting run over by a errant Segway]

6. Saved By The Bell: The New Class

I don't remember a single fucking standout character from this show besides the holdovers from the original show, yet every character in this intro/credits looks vaguely familiar. I knew I was getting cut-rate product of cut-rate product as a pre-adolescent and I was not amused. Still, it beat cleaning my room on Saturday mornings, which fucking torturous.