A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

This may not come as a surprise, but I HATED my last job. I was a property Accountant for a small Family owned business that developed and owned large retail shopping centers all across the metro area here. The company was run by the kids of the founder, all in their 50's and the ultimate definition of born on third having thought they hit triples.

So I started here in April, under the auspices of I’ll have the chance to be the accounting manager in a few years and eventually maybe helping run the family owned business. FANTASTIC, this place is a mile from my house and everyone in the front office is nice, but it’s really small, 10 employees small. I start and spend the first week cleaning up blatant fuck-ups that the temp that kept my spot warm made, no big deal. The current accounting manager doesn’t see these errors, which is fine, she’s only in her third week. Red Flag.

The boss is not there for my first three days, as she is on vacation in Naples, getting her parents ready to come back north. On my fourth day, she calls me in first thing and is glowing, “I’ve heard nothing but great anecdotes, everyone is very impressed. I have not, however, heard great things about the manager. So we’re going to let her go and make you the manager, if that is what you want.” They canned a woman who had been there for 13 days, after leaving a job she’d been at for 15 years.


I’ll take it, sure... What the fuck have I got myself into?

Things are going well for a month or so and then shit starts to unravel. Girl that had been there for 3 years, the most tenured person in this firm (!), has a whole year of accounting experience under her belt. She KNOWS what she is doing, and don’t try to change things, they work well enough! Except they have a two week close, and this could be done in 7 days. OK, I don’t mind fucking around a little bit. But hey, wait, no. I’m the manager, lets do things easier and faster. NO.

Beginning of June a former worker is going to come back and we’re going to get a third accountant. Former worker is going to be the Office manager and instead of a manager and two accountants, we’ll have 3 accountants and report to the office manager. Wait what? This woman does not know accounting, at all. Jokes about how she can’t balance a check book. OH.

So they bring in a 3rd accountant and this guy is oil to the water of the place. He’s fired after 6 weeks for.. being oil, I guess, just that he was fired over some petty bullshit.


Fuck this place, I’m actively looking and getting side eyed for being at a job for 3 months and wanting out. I can’t say, these people are batshit insane, but... they are. We had ‘quiet time’ instituted for all employees, from 8-11 please do not interrupt your coworkers. We had an hour long meeting on Blue Lives Matter. One of the brothers has a life size cardboard Trump cutout. They have no tangible experience relating to their jobs and instead have a last name the same as the founder so they are set. We were in direct path of totality for the eclipse and they were going to let us have a half day, up until friday before it, when we could take five minutes to go outside..... after I had volunteered at the boy’s school already.

This leads up to a month ago. We meet with the CPA who does our audits and he says that the year end entries were done incorrectly and can’t figure out where they went awry. This leads to the tenured girl doing a whole bunch of correcting entries that are done.. wrong. So I fixed them and got shouted down for asking where she pulled her numbers from, because these are blatantly obviously wrong and really fucking up my balance sheet. So I post these entries to correct corrections on a Friday when the boss is out and tell her about it on Monday. I got fired for it on Thursday.


And today they denied my unemployment claim, saying I was fired for misconduct.

So who’s with me on firing up the ole guillotine?

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