Well, gentlemen (and other lady), March Madness is over. When UConn wins, we all lose. Despite this, the light at the end of the tunnel has finally come: Your first annual April Adorabracket™. Before I introduce you to your contestants, though, some housekeeping:

Matchups will occur once per day. They will go up whenever the hell I get around to it, and close at midnight CDT. I'm still messing around with polling options, and hopefully there will be embedded polls to make all our lives easier.

If you feel so inclined, here is a bracket to fill out. Get it to me by Friday, and if anyone actually wins it they'll get some rodeo shit or something. Now, without further ado, here are your contestants!

ETA: Email me (batmansrobyn@yahoo.com) or tweet me your completed brackets. If I haven't received any by Thursday, first round of matchups will go up Friday morning.

1. Gob


2. Eva

3. Bronson


4. Buddha

5. Kaya


6. Toby & Tasha

7. Nala


8. Pooch

9. Claude


10. Diogi

11. Cory Booker


12. Ada

13. Baby Spruce


14. Blobfish

15. Scrotum Bird


16. Goddamn Motherfucking Possum