It's back, guys!

Rules are the same as every other time. Hopefully these won't be too too difficult. Special prize to the winner, to be determined randomly and arbitrarily.


1. This spicy girl-group used to be a showstopper, until fortune intervened and chose one of them to be ruler of the world. A cruel burn, indeed. Destiny's Chile (@DatPuffey)


2. This light rock duo captured the spirit of their time with dependable tunes and regular performances. They never were able to make it past #2 on the charts, though. HALL AND DATES (ME)

3. This new-wave group were known for their cerebral lyrics, but for some reason you felt like they were trying to be worse than they were. The Tanking Heads (GrungeBanjo)


4. This soul singer would never shut the hell up. He complained about everything, though his baritone tone made it sound like he was cool. Barry Whine (BBAM)

5. This popular singer has incredible range, dabbling in only the finest forms of music, including opera and Christmas songs. His air of superiority itself has won three Grammys. Posh Groban (GrungeBanjo)


6. This rap supergroup is known for their conspicuous use of religious imagery and semi-automatic weapons. They are very well-regulated. NRA (Milo Minderbinder)

7. This songstress is actually Raysism's favorite artist, given how often she runs circles around the competition. Cyndi Lapper (Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood)


8. This late 90s punk-rock band is known for their corpulent lead singer, who polishes off an unholy amount of pancakes during each concert. Blini 182 (EditBay)