Let’s just get this ball rolling.

First off, Austin Seffarian-Jenkins needs to shorten his damn name. And that was a fumble, not a touchdown. I know it hurts to be a Jets/Giants fan (same thing), but a fumble is a fumble.

Second, Brady is the greatest of all time. I’m not a fan of the Pats, but he is. And there are so many jealous people who whine whine whine all the damn time when he kicks your ass. Do yourself a favor. Get over it and recognize you are in the era of greatness.

Watching the Chargers lose is fun. Rivers whines like he is jealous of Brady. Yep.

I’d like to see the evidence against Pitino. Until then, I think he is innocent and Louisville should be worried unless the FBI comes up with something they can use. There are 40 million reasons why.


Barry Bonds is the greatest batter of all time.

Go Cubs!


Kobe held back the Lakers the last few years so we know who to blame.

Watching golf is a great excuse to nap.

So is soccer.

Browns are fun to watch. It’s like watching The Three Stooges, but less dignity. Who doesn’t like that?