A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

Here are your nominees for the 2014 Sidees, presented by Chevrolet:

Outstanding Contributions to Sidespin in a Miniseries or Made for Sidespin Movie:

  • FreemanMcNeil, Your (Occasional) Movie Guide
  • DougExeter, Pool for Idiots
  • Same Sad Echo, Sidespin Logo Contest
  • Pleatherface, The Deadliest Spin
  • The Amazing Sneijderman, World Cup Pool
  • fusilliGaryBettman, A Dissection of '90s Pop Lyrics

Outstanding Contributions to Sidespin in a Musical or Comedy:

  • Pleatherface, Letters From The Front: Andrew Luck
  • Raysism, Jesus Christ, Did I Love Molesting Kids
  • Same Sad Echo, Second Chances
  • Theodore Donald Kerabatsos, Why I'm Against an NCAA Football Players Union
  • Bring Back Anthony Mason, The Day Nature Started Fighting Back
  • Sonar Jose, Patriots AM Wrap Up

Outstanding Contributions to Sidespin in a Dramatic Role (Non-Sports):

  • Ryan Winfield, Closing Time
  • BatmansRobyn, Stories I Won't Tell You
  • Erg, Goodbye, Mully
  • Redmanprime7, One More
  • FreemanMcNeil, A 17-Year Long Irish Wake
  • Pleatherface, For Elizabeth

Outstanding Contributions to Sidespin in a Dramatic Role (Sports):

  • Jesse Freeden, Why Do 150 Young Athletes Drop Dead Each Year?
  • Universal Enveloping Algebra, Two Endings
  • Miserable Shitehawk, The Problem With Richard Sherman Isn't Richard Sherman
  • girlwonder, Studies in PR: An Open Letter to Roger Goodell
  • Bring Back Anthony Mason, Unnecessarily Recent History of Goal Line Technology
  • chid, Roger Goodell is a Domestic Violence Enabler Who Must Be Stopped

Worst Contributions to Sidespin:

  • Pleatherface, Leave Lana Berry Alone
  • Morried In the Gary, Perspectives: American Football
  • Same Sad Echo, Pearl Jam Radio Artists, Ranked

Worst Roundup Writer:

  • Tyson T. Grivens
  • Benevolent Dictator
  • Plus Juan
  • Voltaire's Angry Glove
  • Colonel "Madmen" Maddox
  • Senseless Apprentice

Best Deadspin Writer:

  • Tom Ley
  • Greg Howard
  • Barry Petchesky
  • Samer Kalaf

Worst Deadspin Writer:

  • Tom Ley
  • Greg Howard
  • Barry Petchesky
  • Samer Kalaf

Outstanding Performance in a Recurring Guest Deadspin Comment Role:

  • Raysism, How Far Can You Punt a Football
  • Raysism, I Guess You've Never Heard of the First Amendment
  • Raysism, Where is My Goddamned COTY
  • Raysism, Why Am I Now in the Grey
  • JRW, Recommended Your Post

Outstanding Performance in a Supporting +1

  • PostApocalypticRecSpecs
  • Big Sloppy
  • marmol heater
  • Milo Minderbinder

In Memoriam:

  • Eddie Murray Sparkles
  • Gamboa Constrictor
  • Erg

2014 Deadspin Commenter of the Year:

  • DougExeter
  • The Amazing Sneijderman
  • Pleatherface
  • Raysism
  • Same Sad Echo
  • cobra, brah!
  • RMJ=H
  • Write-In: __________________________

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