When I think of animated adult anything, I am reminded of too many naughty, naughty things that might be viewed late at night after the kids are asleep. So, I’m going to eliminate the adult portion and go straight for the animation.

Here is a list from VH1 that is a run down of what some bloke there thinks is a good list of animated music videos.

As with lists, no one is ever going to agree on anything. It’s like salad. I like a good Caesar salad. But some people like a whole salad themed restaurant. Those weirdos need to be dealt with in very harsh manners, as those are the same places that make inedible desserts and macaroni that isn’t near as good as Kraft’s. That’s another thing for another day.

I’m here to add to that list a few music video honorable mentions for the common folk. Equally as shitty selections as beets, no matter how many times I tell my wife beets are a reason for divorce.

Wait. Did I just get my comparative relation backwards? Ah, fuck it. Who listens to an old man rant anyway? I should call up some conservative talk radio show and complain there, because they might back me on taking about how Obama and King Tut worked with the Turkish government to build underwear with no ball support. They’d blame anything on anyone if you rant like a crazy old person about a topic long enough. Try it out for shits and giggles!


Alan Parsons Project made this video for a wreck of a song back when I was younger. I loved it! Not quite an adult animation, but it was a special song for me despite itself.

Matthew Sweet had a most awesome song with driving guitars. This is good song.

Of course, Peter Gabriel had some videos that were actually pretty advanced for music videos at the time. Still shitty music. So shitty a port-a-potty company came around to look for the competition. But entertaining at the time of release.

Here is a bonus video from the 90's. Typical 90's shit. So very shitty. I have shitty taste.