A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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Announcements and Transactions

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Good Saturday afternoon, lads and lasses. Voltaire's Angry Glove is back after some welcome convalescing at an undisclosed location in the South Pacific.


With the merry return of a pending barrier to Kinja's commenting platform, and after a little prodding from one of our peers, the Roundups team has added three enthusiastic Curators and hopes to return to action on Monday.

A few items of business:

  1. Those now verified/followed/appearing in the black wield some authority with respect to what comments will appear at the bottom of each post. To quote our ur-text, treat your commenting privilege for the privilege it is. Know that you can elevate people out of the gray just by replying to their idiot asses.
  2. Speaking of the pending barrier, the Roundups will include only those submissions appearing above the barrier, which means the Total Fucking Duds heading each night will return to its primeval ethos and be devoted to constructive criticism of those in the black. This is intended to help you, so don't self-flagellate if you show up down there. Think of it as the negative reinforcement side of the Favorites' positive reinforcement.
  3. As ever, do consider your place within the larger Gawker commenting community, especially in light of how much attention Jezebel's plea received last week. It may be a bit hyperbolic to say, but the eyes of many are upon you.

Otherwise, be creative, have fun, and be funny. Be very funny. Be hysterical. Make us laugh. Give us reason to write the Roundups with the upbeat, critical tone they deserve. You're all the best, and we'll see you Monday.

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