A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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I’m in the process of a divorce from a woman I’ve been with since high school and have been doing app dating for 7 months (Bumble and Tinder) and as it turns out, like so many porn sites have told me, single mom’s really do want to fuck in my area!

So I decided to dust off my writing gear from 6 years ago and start keeping a running log of the girls I’m seeing, ever so many misunderstandings, and the wacky adventures I have.


All women are being given euphemisms for names because it’s easier to keep people straight that way. I do not in any way consider myself all that attractive or interesting and have the confidence of a small armadillo, but I apparently make up for that by being tall, mildly funny, and carrying an average sized penis.

Given my failed attempts at consistently posting in the past this may be another failed series, but I’m hoping to dedicate a post every week or such that you can laugh at my pain. And if you think bestiality is not at all involved, you’d be wrong.

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