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A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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App Dating is Killing My Soul: How I Found Out my Driver's License Was Suspended

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I started dating someone in a similar situation to myself, she was in the middle of a divorce and in the legal sense was still married to a cop.


Compared to a lot of app dating experiences this one happened incredibly fast for me; I was able to secure a date within an hour of the match. We lived in the same neighborhood so we agreed to meet up at a nearby restaurant. We somewhat hit it off and decided to continue at a local dive bar. Being responsible adults we thought it best to drive home and then Uber to the bar and back. We did so and I was back at her place for a bit.

Brief aside, our driver back from the dive bar was a nice old lady who was pretty talkative until she overhead this piece of dialogue since neither of us was used to using the ex- prefix yet.“Oh shit, why would you say that? Now I know your husbands name That’s okay, I could easily find your wife’s name”


I offered to just walk home since it was only a bit over a mile, but she insisted on ordering an Uber for me. I took the offer since semi-drunkenly walking home through the tawny suburbs isn’t a good look.

A few days later we were commiserating about our recent ex troubles and she mentions that her Uber was still linked to his account so he was the one who got all the ride updates. Well, fuck.


He now knew my address and from there found my name and then did whatever cops do in their database, (read violated several privacy protection laws, but hell if I’m going to escalate with a cop). He happened to mention to her that she was “being real responsible dating a guy with a suspended license”. Editors note: He’s currently shacked up with another married woman he knocked up while they were still together.

She informed me of this fact the next day. It had just happened and I hadn’t even gotten the notice yet. Boring details aside it was just an insurance mix-up. So I could drive legally before I even knew I wasn’t supposed to. I think the lesson here is to date the still married wives of cops.

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