So you may have noticed that, as of this morning, crummy comments from random tourists have been shunted to the end of the line and hidden behind a "see the stupid crap we don't want you to look at" baby-gate over on Deadspin. One cool thing about this (I mean, other than the general awesomeness of exclusive hierarchies) is that you can "approve" any good discussions down there by clicking their little star icon button things. That appears to pull the, uh, discussion over to the reputable side of the train tracks.

One thing to note is that you can do this without approving (or making any change to the overall status of) the user who posted the comment. Your star-button-click only affects the single comment/discussion you click. Some dingus who posts 913 sports-radio rants about whether Andy Dalton is an elite quarterback, then makes one legitimately funny joke, isn't suddenly going to be on equal footing with Eddie Murray Sparkles if you click the star button on that one funny joke. But maybe he will learn something from seeing what kind of stuff gets a positive response from the crowd.

Just my thoughts. Wasn't sure if everybody already knew how that star button works or what.