It’s true. Totally true.

On his lousy play as Washington’s quarterback, in 2010:

“It had been a long offseason. It’s been a long year. One obviously that I didn’t have to go through in 11 years. But yet and still, you have to be prepared for everything.”

(later in the same conversation)

“You have to know what you see and recognize and go forward. Things will change back to my style. I’m not a guy that throws interceptions like that. But, yet and still, you have to watch what you did and learn from it and eliminate it next time.”

On his lousy play as Minnesota’s quarterback, in 2011:

“You have to be happy and peaceful with yourself first and foremost. I’m a hard worker. I’m a competitor. Obviously with this situation going on, disappointed but yet and still I don’t let that pull me away from what my goal [is].”


On the offense coming together in Minnesota, in 2011:

“Obviously this is Week-2-and-a-half for me, so I’m excited to see the progression that we’ve made and excited about what we’ve been able to do on the outside with the receivers and our running game. Again, there’s a lot of things we’ve got to clear up, but yet and still just looking at it, we’ve done some good things.”

On staying positive through injury, in 1999:

“They told me it wasn’t that serious, they don’t think. But yet and still, I’ll stay positive.”


On whether there’s room for improvement in the Eagles offense, in 2003:

“The team that you’ve seen out there today showed some signs of some big plays, showed some signs of being able to sustain a drive, but yet, and still, we’re nowhere near the team that we know we are capable of being.”

On a warm reception upon his return to Philadelphia as a member of a division rival, in 2010:

“Obviously, you go back, and when you receive the kind of ovation that I got, I mean, it was wonderful. And to come out on top really topped things off. We were happy. But yet and still, we’ve got the Green Bay Packers coming up this week.”


On developing chemistry with Donté Stallworth, in 2006:

“That goes for everyone on this offense, and the good things we’ve been able to do are exciting on the potential side of things. Yet and still we are not where we want to be.”

On whether it’s an honor to be compared to Brett Favre, in 2003:

“It’s an honor, but yet and still, you want to have your name up there with some of the top guys.”


Do you have to get back to playing football, Donovan? (from 2011)

But yet and still you’ve got to get back to playing football.”

This has been a partial list of times when Donovan McNabb said “yet and still.” Also “but yet and still” and “obviously,” plus lots of talking in the second person. Weird.