Because I can't think of an original idea, and because I missed most of the fun yesterday, I've come up with yet another quiz to amuse and annoy. Same rules as the original - the answer will be the name of a major motion picture with one letter replaced by another. As a hint, all answers reference movies from the era of talkies. CONGRATULATIONS YOU DID IT YOU ALL GET A COOKIE

Off we go:

1. You've heard of separated at birth? How about separated at death! Bill "Billy" Rhodes goes on a wacky adventure to discover which of five cadavers is that of his brother Rob, with hilarious results! The Right Stiff (Cap'n Lou)

2. A very short retrospective of the classic SNL skit, with hilarious results! Cone In 60 Seconds (Sneijds)

3. Follow George W. Bush, Dick "Dickie" Cheney, and Donald "Donnie" Rumsfeld back to their college days, where they commandeer the fightin'-est frat on campus, with hilarious results! War House (that same guy as from number two up there)

4. After coming up with a brilliant plan to reduce his household chores, Kevin and his family find out things aren't always as they seem, with hilarious results! Home Clone (RMJ=H)


5. An English soccer club's janitor (Steve Carell) gets transferred to Spain, only to find himself trapped in an elevator, with hilarious results! Dan In Real Lift (All Over But The Sharting)

6. A shellshocked veteran returns from war able only to repeat one phrase ad nauseum, which he does for the whole goddamn movie, with tragic results. (Runtime: 220 minutes) Saying Private Ryan (Sharting, with an assist to that guy with the equals sign)

Have at it!