Kudos to The Amazing Sneijderman for putting down his soccer figurines for a minute and setting up the movie title game. That was fun.

I can't help but think, though, that it was a little too hard (unless you are Steve_U, in which case, sorry about your crippling Uggs addiction). So in the spirit of fairness, here are a few titles for the same game, simplified slightly for the morons in the audience.

1. What Ryan Gosling did in that movie when he wasn't punching people in the face.

2. What didn't actually happen in the last Bond movie, so take it easy there Chicken Little.

3. Hey you remember the latest Batman movie? You remember that terrible Seal song from that other Batman movie? Put that together.


4. Hey what if Oskar Schindler was like Steve_U, only his crippling addiction was to fucking stuff? That'd sure be something.

Don't over-think it.