Here, this should be a nice middle-of-the-road alternative to Sneijderman's friggin' Hardcore Difficulty, and Echo's Nose-Pickers' Division.

Here's the rules. I've taken 7 popular film titles and changed just one letter in each. Below are clues to these modified film titles. You read the clue and you try to guess the cleverly modified film title. So, like, for example, if I said, "They found his body in an alley behind the grocery store, stuffed to the tonsils with toffee and milk chocolate," you would say Murder by Heath, except that Murder by Death was never all that popular, so never mind, that example sucks.

Feel free to come up with your own clues and post 'em in the comments.

1. "Nyuk nyuk nyuk!" "Woop woop woop!" [machine gun noises]

2. Jamie Lee Curtis: [whacks somebody with a bo staff] (Kung Fu Wanda)

3. When you join, you get a secret ring that looks like a CFL. (Light Club)

4. They wear their finest pastel-colored shirts when eating discarded Cuban sandwiches. (Miami Mice)


5. A blind Diane Keaton, walking heedlessly toward the busy interstate. (Annie, Halt!)

6. An entire goddamn month of Larry the Cable Guy. (28 Days Mater)

7. The moonlight really sets off its tassels.

EDITED TO ADD: Shit. Evidently these are way tougher than I expected. I'll post the answers, uh, later tonight.


FURTHER EDITED TO ADD: OK you sons of bitches, here are the answers to #1 and #7:


1. G.I. Moe

7. Midnight Rug

I hate you all so much.