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Betsy DeVos Is A Cruel, Ignorant, Useless, Morally Corrupt, And Evil Human Being

Recently, imitation human being Betsy DeVos introduced, for the third time, legislation to defund the Special Olympics as a part of the Orange Idiot’s budget proposal. Say what you will about DeVos, but up until this point she hadn’t really done anything that I’d consider evil. I guess I was proven wrong. My god, how horrible of a person do you have to be to take money away from an organization like the Special Olympics? Just add this to the long, ever-growing list that demonstrates just how downright unqualified and morally corrupt this woman is, and how she doesn’t belong 100 miles near any type of classroom. This woman, who has spent her entire privileged life looking down on anyone who’s not in her tax bracket, has proven time and again that regardless of how hilariously unfit one is, if you give enough money you can get any job you like. But don’t take my word for it, let’s examine how we got to this point.

First, let’s look at DeVos’ extensive background in public education. Oh, that’s right, she has none. DeVos attended private schools her entire life, from Kindergarten on up to college. The laughable part is that she attended “Christian” schools, and she has demonstrated by her actions (or inactions) that she’s one of the least Christian people in government. She has never spent more than a photo-op’s time in any classroom in any meaningful way. DeVos has been a very vocal (and monetary) supporter of “school choice,” and charter schools. In case you don’t know what this means, let me help you. She believes the government should defund (or lessen the funding) for public schools and direct money into private schools under the guise of “school choice.” This is a fancy, privileged, white nationalist way of saying “give our schools money so we don’t have to mingle with people of color or kids with special needs.” It’s usually a stance that’s proposed under the guise of parents can choose schools to sent their kids to in order for them to get the best education. This is, of course, horseshit. This type of school choice does exactly the opposite, as each private school has its own choice - the choice of whether or not to accept certain students. A direct result of this is that the public schools would be filled with the neediest students and would be completely underfunded if government monies were funneled into private schools. Putting federal funding into private and charter schools amounts to a massive “fuck you” to anyone who believes in the public school system. Don’t believe me? Just look at the state of Michigan’s schools. Read this piece from the Washington Post for more insight. When this soulless shell went on 60 Minutes in an attempt to humanize herself, she failed spectacularly.


DeVos was born into privelege and married into it as well. She comes from a billionaire’s world and married a billionaire. This woman was a huge contributor to Theranos. She invested in a Broadway play that only ran for exactly three weeks because it was so bad. She invested in a business called Neurocare, a company whose business practice was the modern-day equivalent of shock treatment for ADHD, autistic, and other children. According to the New York Times, the results of Neurocare’s experiments are “unproven and its methods questionable.” Clearly, this woman has extremely poor judgment with regard to, well... everything.

When Trump is your president, then anything is possible. Even someone as hilariously unqualified as DeVos can buy her way into the position of Secretary of Education. Her confirmation hearing was a prime example of two things: first, she has no fucking idea what she’s doing and any rational or sane person could see that; second, the GOP will always vote along party lines because they’re fucking spineless and afraid to do anything that might cause them to lose their station. For the love of god, just watch her interaction with former senator Al Franken. The most novice first-year teacher (or even a student teacher for that matter) understands the difference between growth and proficiency. There’s a special place reserved in Hell for Mike Pence, who consulted with “Mother” and broke the 50-50 tie and allowed this mouth-breathing moron to ascend to the role of Secretary of Education.

Much has been written about how awful DeVos is in her current position. There’s really no need for me to add on, so I’ll just link the best articles I could find reinforcing this fact:


And those are just a few of the very first articles I found! Her most recent embarrassment came when she continually, and loudly, supported cuts to the Speical Olympics. Even her boss, Cheeto Hitler, was “smart” enough (as in, his handlers told him how unpopular this was so he changed course) to overrule this decision. I have been a strong advocate for the Special Olympics for reasons that are my own, and when I heard about her support of the cuts, I absolutely went insane with anger. Honestly, how fucking awful and empty do you have to be in order to make cuts and then defend them in the face of such uproarious clamor?

Betsy DeVos has either been born into, married into, or bought into everything she’s ever done. She will assuredly go down as the worst Secretary of Education in American history. I have spent the overwhelming majority of my adult life in education. For whatever you think of me here the internet universe, know that I am a staunch advocate for students and those with special needs. Our country has reached a point of no turning back because those in government have placed party before people, and contributions before common sense. Betsy DeVos bought her way into her position and proves on a daily basis that she has no business in education. It is my opinion that Betsy DeVos is a cruel, ignorant, useless, morally corrupt, and evil human being. The only bright side is that she can’t stay in this position forever.

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