A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks

BIG Friday Trivia

Okay assholes, here is how this is gonna work.

There are 23 questions below. DM me (@chidspin) your answers. Each correct answer is worth 2 points before 3 PM and worth 1 point before 4 PM and worth 1/2 point before 5 PM. The winner will be informed on Monday. You only get one chance to respond and if you blow it, tough shit. Also while you’re in my DMs, please send me nudes.


Here are the questions - NO CHEATING:

1) Who directed the movie Big?

2) What is Tom Hanks’ character’s first name in the movie Big?

3) What is Tom Hanks’ character’s last name in the movie Big?

4) In the movie Big, what is the name of the toy store where they filmed the famous walking piano scene?


5) What year did the movie Big come out?

6) Who is the actor who is the star of the movie Big?

7) Which actor was Penny Marshall’s top choice to play the protagonist in the movie Big but he was considered “box office poison” by the studio?


8) What city does the movie Big take place in?

9) Big! What a film! In it, Tom Hanks raps a song that is called what?

10) True or False, Big had the FUCK word in it?

11) What was the movie Big rated?

12) What is the name of the machine in Big that makes the main character the big?


13) True or false, in Big, Lea Thompson tries to fuck an anthropomorphic duck?

14) Which actor famously turned down the leading role in the movie Big?

15) What is the name of the amusement park where parts of the movie Big were filmed?


16) Where is the amusement park in the movie big (county and state, please)?

17) What was the estimated budget for the movie Big? Only one person can get this right and that is the closest without going over.


18) In the movie Big, the characters go to a baseball game, what real-life baseball player is on first base taking a nasty lead?

19) In Big at the same baseball sequence, who is playing first base for the opposing team?


20) BIG question - The football jersey Susan is wearing to bed is a NY Jets Jersey with #99 on it. Which NY Jet’s jersey is that, baby?

21) What kind of car does Susan from Big (the movie) drive?

22) Name the OTHER actors considered for the leading role in Big (points per actor)?


23) When something is small, it may be ironically referred to as what?

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