With Phil Collins, there is some good music and some terrible music. Every musician has some bad stuff. Just look at John Mayer. All bad stuff. But, I’m sure he had a good song somewhere on an album somewhere. It’s possible!

The thing is: Phil Collins had some pretty terrible songs for movies. Against All Odds is one of those songs where he sings “Just take a shit on me now!” It’s because the song is shit.

And his covers were just as bad. Groovy Kind of Suck was sucky. Yes, that’s right. It blows hippos.

But, he also had some great shit that is just fun, all around great music. Sussudio is a song about being a great song. It has a great beat. Horns. Fun to sing along with. I’m sure it might have some other “deeper” meaning, but the meaning is in the music. Any idiot can write lyrics. It’s the music in this song that transcends any shitty cover he did of a popular 70's tune.


So, yes, he did some great shit. And, yes, he did some bad shit. But, haven’t we all?

Also: Peter Gabriel makes everything worse, even green beans, which can’t possibly get worse.