A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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Buster Douglas News, Then And Now

I'm doing this to try to beat the MBA 5PM deadline, so it's going to suck. 13 minutes to go...

How old were you when Douglas beat Tyson, and how did you find out? I found out from the front page of the local paper. I read the story and was confused. Maybe Douglas was some Japanese fighter? There wasn't a picture of him in the story, so I had no idea what he looked like. A 12-year-old's confused imagination can do a lot with a nickname like Buster; in 10 seconds, Buster Douglas in my mind bore a more than suspicious resemblance to Piston Honda. I didn't even know Buster was black for a month or two; I believe either the fight happened too late for the small country paper to put a photo in, or the photo used was for a defeated Tyson.


I still wouldn't buy the fight today, but I would be searching the Internet for streams, following analysis on Twitter, trying to come up with lame jokes to get retweeted by a pitying friend, and then rereading analysis on fight blogs about what truly happened. I would know not only know what Buster looked like, but I'd have heard about his dead mom ad nauseum, I'd have read 5 conspiracy theories of how the Tyson camp was falling apart/has fallen apart/wait is stronger than ever. That's a better sports fan world. Right?

But for you over-3o or over-25 year old sports fans, who recall the non-ESPN, non-sports blog era. Are we sure we enjoy sports more because of all the additional media we have to absorb them? The world's smallest fiddle is playing as I ask that. But, 12 year old me, in the absence of information, was forced to think about the fight on his own, to imagine it, to engage in various flights of fancy. Older me instead reads the thoughts of others for the most part, and rather shamelessly aggregates them and regurgitates them as his own. Perhaps something is indeed lost for the modern sports fan, and...wait I had more to say, but I think someone retweeted me.

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