A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks
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Hello, friends! The third round (fourth round? Whatever. Play-in games are stupid.) of March Madness is fast approaching. Brackets have been busted, hopes have been hogtied, dreams have been demolished, and we could all use a bit of a pick me up. As such, I have a proposition: A pet tournament. Animadness, if you will. Why? Because we're all competitive people by nature, and no one loses when the competition is centered around voting on adorable creatures.


The success of this competition is entirely based on y'all, though. I will not be competing, because I am not Raysism and also because we all know that my puppies would win by a longshot. So send me your creatures! The number of entries depends entirely on the number of submissions I receive. It would be awesome if we could get a full 64 to start off with.

The categories are as follows:

Dogs - All ages!

Cats- Are gross, but in the interest of equal representation, I guess cat people can play.

Miscellaneous Animals- Any opossum photographs are grounds for immediate disqualification.

Plants- For those of us who can't quite handle animated creatures just yet. Must be plants that you yourself care for or maintain in some capacity other than paying a gardener or landscaper.


Multiple submissions are accepted, with one twist: A single person may not submit to an animal division as well as the plant division. Is your ficus cuter than your puppy? You choose, but there can only be one. Any submissions containing both animals and plants will be entered into a division based on aesthetics as determined by the committee (me).

Please send everything to batmansrobyn@yahoo.com. Deadline for submissions is Sunday, April 6th at 11:59pm


Winning submission gets bragging rights and probably some other stuff too.

*All submissions will be kept 100% anonymous and assigned arbitrary team names. The team names will probably be fruit themed.

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