A Bad Place Full Of Bad Jerks


Friday puzzle time! Guess your favorite NBA player-candy mash-up! All players are active unless otherwise stated.

All answers will be released at 430.

1. Sitting the bench, this center would prefer a Jafar-themed candy device. (Robin Lopez Dispenser - Birdlaw)


2. A strange, licorice flavored patch of hair on the nape of the neck. (Drew Gooden-Plenty - Mantis)

3. This candy really hustles and wears headbands and is filled with caramel. Recently, though he hasn't been what the Doctor ordered.

(Jared Milk Dudley - Joey Tallywacker)

4. A number 3 overall pick that had a rough season, so much so that when you eat him, you wince.


(Michael Sour Patch Kidd-Glichrist - ClintonPortisHead)

5. Former NBA role player out of Villanova, he just didn't reach the heights he was supposed to or, you know, taste like the rainbow.


(Kerry Skittles - Mantis)

6. Alongside two crazy three point gunners, this guy is exactly like his candy mash up: won't amaze you and probably won't surprise you either. Better as a stretch s'more.


(Harrison Hershey Barnes)

7. This candy mash-up is Italian and terrible as popcorn flavor.

(Marco Jelly-Belinelli - Mantis)

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